2011 Census: Bradford District

Background Information

The Census is a count of all people and households in the UK taken every 10 years (most recently in 2011). It is the most complete source of information about the population available and shows how our country is changing over time. Visit the Office for National Statistics' Census website for more information.

The next Census will take place in 2021 and more information will be provided on this page

The census figures include:

  • The usually resident population estimate for the District
  • A breakdown of the population by five year age bands and gender
  • An estimate of occupied households
  • An estimate of the number of short-term residents.
  • The estimates include an adjustment for people and households
    missed by the Census.

Headline Figures for Bradford (Census 2011)

  • The Bradford District 2011 Census population estimate was 522,500. This
    is a population increase of 51,700 since 2001, an increase of 11.0%.
  • The Bradford District 2011 Census occupied household estimate is
    199,300. This is an increase of 19,054 households since the Census in
  • A short-term resident is anyone born outside the UK who has stayed or
    intends to stay in the UK for between 3 and 12 months. The 2011
    Census estimate for short-term residents in the District is 1,300.


Click on the link below for an interactive map of the 2011 Census: 

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