Key messages

  • The Housing Strategy 2020 - 2030 has the vision that 'everyone in Bradford District should have a place to call home which meets their needs and in which they can thrive' The vision is to be achieved through 3 objectives:
    • More homes - increase house building, deliver more family homes, increase the supply of affordable homes and reduce the number of empty homes
    • Quality homes and neighbourhoods - deal with poor stock quality, address the health impacts of poor quality stock, promote design that has a positive impact on health and wellbeing and minimises any environmental impact
    • Homes for all - help residents to improve access to housing, support specialist accommodation and help vulnerable people maintain tenancies


  • The Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy 2020-2025 has the vision that 'across our partnership we will strive towards ending homelessness and rough sleeping once and for all - homelessness is everyone's business'. This vision is to be achieved through 5 themes:
    • Early intervention and prevention of homelessness
    • Deliver support in the right way at the right time to people who are homeless
    • Tackle rough sleeping
    • Improve access to housing for people who are homeless
    • Work better together