Mosaic Public Sector Maps

Mosaic is primarily a marketing segmentation and targeting tool that:

  • Segments the UK adult population into a number of different ‘like minded’ groups
  • Provides insight into how likely it is that certain  attributes and values are held by each segment
  • Informs decisions about how best to tailor and deliver messages to them
  • Codes every postcode and residential address  to facilitate targeting

The Mosaic public sector data held by Bradford is sourced from leading UK research specialists: 

  • ONS Annual expenditure and family survey
  • British housold panel survey (BHPS)
  • YouGov online panels cobvering 350,000 consumers, attitudes, behaviours etc

Public sector data research surveys provide an understanding of citizen requirements for public sevices including:

  • British crime survey 
  • Hospital episode statistics
  • Health survey for England
  • Indicesof multiple deprivation
  • Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA)

Bellow are a number of links that provide more information about mosaic and its application in bradford, on this page you will also find mosaic profiles of the wards in the Bradford District. 

Mosaic Public Sector Segmentation portal.

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