Bradford Population


The latest population estimate shows that there are 534,300 people living in Bradford District, an increase of 3,100 people since the previous year. Bradford is the fifth largest local authority in terms of population after Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester. 

The District’s population has increased by 38,600 (7.8%) since 2006. Since 2006 the rate of population growth has fluctuated from around 1% each year until 2011 to 0.3% between 2012 and 2014. In the last two years the population has increased by 0.6% each year.

Key messages

  • 534,300 people live in Bradford District, 49% male and 51% female

  • Bradford is the 5th largest local authority by population size in England

  • Population growth has shown a small increase in the last year

  • In the last year the population increased by 3,100 people 0.6%

  • 24% of the District's population is under-16

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  • The Department of Communities and Local Government collects and publishes official statistics relating to deprivation, fire and rescue services, housing and homelessness, local government finance, planning performance and land use.
  • The Office for National Statistics publish local statistics which contain a wealth of official statistics including data from the census in 2011 and 2001. You can also find detailed statistics in specific geographic areas or a summary report for your local neighbourhood from NOMIS