Unemployment in Bradford District

The most recent unemployment figures for June 2018 were published by the Office for National Statistics on 17th July 2018

The data shows that 9,465 people were claiming unemployment benefit in June 2018 - a rate of 2.9% of the working age population. There were 2,040 claimants aged between 18-24 (4.4% of this age group) and 2,250 claimants aged 50+.

The claimant rate for Bradford has increased from 2.6% in January 2018. The rates for both Yorkshire & Humber and the United Kingdom have both increased by similar amounts since December 2017. 

Bradford had the 4th highest unemployment rate in the Leeds City Region, after Barnsley, Calderdale and Kirklees

The unemployment data in the bulletin includes people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance and people claiming Universal Credit who are required to seek work and be available for work.

For more details please see the information bulletin

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